Saturday, October 13, 2007

Big Sur

We drove the Pacific Coast Hwy to Big Sur today. I was too carsick to keep my eyes open on the way there (winding climbing roads combined with a hangover) but it was a magnificent view of the ocean, mountains, and rocks on the way home. Very soothing and poetic. At Big Sur we hiked to this gorge in the pictures. We had to climb over a lot of slippery rocks to get there! It was so rejuvenating to jump in the water! I could only swim for about 30 seconds because it was sooooooooooooooo cold. I will hopefully never complain about Hamlin Lake again when we go skiing! All the water here in Cali is super cold. DO NOT be fooled by the California myth. It is not that warm here!


Anonymous said...

Dear Erin,
Wow! What beautiful photos!!! Isn’t out west fabulous! I hope you don’t mind that Ashley shared your site with me. It sounds as though you fitting in there nicely, but somehow, Erin, that doesn’t surprise me in the least. I think you and Ashley have more in common then you think. You heart, drive and independence is so rare in your generation. I’m sure your mom is loving every minute of this adventure for you, but missing you nonetheless. Be safe and enjoy this journey, Erin. I will continue to keep tabs on you through your blog site.

God bless,
Donna Hoornstra

Erin said...

thanks Donna! Good to hear from you!