Monday, November 5, 2007

What's new, finally

It's been awhile! I get lazy about uploading pictures and thinking of stuff to write and sitting there writing it (maybe it's a good thing that I decided not to pursue journalism...)

What's new with me in a nutshell:

~ The sun sets at 5pm now :(
~ This weekend I visited the Pinnacle National Monument and it is GORGEOUS! There are huge orange-ish mountains of rock that made me want to take rock-climbing classes because they would be so cool to climb. I didn't see any Condors but they are released into the wild at Pinnacle. We hiked around and into some caves which were completely dark. Zero light. By the light of a cell phone we climbed up and through a cave (except for Jeremy and Evan who decided they were too good for the cell phone and did it without). Super cool hike! Parts of it reminded me of Outback Australia.
~ I auditioned for the Vagina Monologues at CSUMB and I got a part! This will be my 2nd year in the production. I'll be performing "In Memory of Her Face" with 2 other girls. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in the cast and working with a hopefully wonderful group of women who all care deeply about ending violence against women. I couldn't resist auditioning again!
~ see the stuff on Dia de los Muertos below!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,
It appears as though you are settling in there nicely. How exciting that you have involved yourself with the community theater. It only makes sense that you would challenge yourself to take on all sorts of new adventures. Glad to read that things are going so well!
Donna Hoornstra